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Social Rush Blog
Social Rush Blog
Social Rush Blog

I originally started Social Rush Blog in college as a project for one of my marketing classes. When I graduated, I lost access to my blog, but kept the name for all my social media accounts.

After moving abroad to Taiwan with my husband, I decided to start the Social Rush Blog website again to share my favorite fashion finds and home decor stylings.

How did you come up with the name Social Rush?

An assignment in college was to start a blog for one of my Marketing/PR courses. Unsure of a name, I asked my friends to describe me in a few words. The common theme was that I was a social butterfly. My last name was rush and thus, Social Rush was born.

Fun Fact: S.R.B. stands for Social Rush Blog, but I didn’t know that one day, it would also be my initials after getting married; Stacey Ranee Brizendine!

Do you have other pages or websites?

Yes! I am a busy bee who loves to do a little bit of everything.

Etsy Shop | Artwork, IG Stickers, Mugs

LTK Shop | Outfit details, home finds & more!

Amazon Storefront | Shop my favorite amazon finds, watch review videos & more

Poshmark | Shop my Boutique & gently used items!

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